Who Is Samantha Monet?


A Caribbean girl in an American world.

Samantha Monet – I was born in a place often called paradise – the place that the world wants to visit, I am fortunate to call that home. Have you figured it out yet? Yup, if you said the Bahamas then you guessed right.

Now before you say anything, I’ll beat you to it – if I had a dollar for every time someone asked “Why are you in (insert state here), did you really leave Bahamas to come here?” I would be lounging in the South of France with Oprah and all the other insanely wealthy people.

But I digress, so I grew up in the Bahamas, Nassau to be exact, and after high school, I ended up in Jamaica in hopes of going to medical school. After that plan began to tear at the seams, I packed up my Georgie bundle and headed to a school in Missouri! Yup, you read right, I went from sunny Jamaica in December to a snowy Missouri in January – ummm who does that?

Fast forward a few years, I’d completed my Bachelor’s Degree (pre-med), fallen in love, got my Master of Science, lost that love after some years, and into the job market I went. Life continued to happen, as it often does, jobs, layoffs, new jobs and hobbies….life! At some point while life was deciding which path it wanted me to follow, I began to explore my love for writing and the love I had for inspiring others. Did I find my purpose? Maybe, but I definitely found a passion in using my life experiences to help encourage someone else. Do I know it all, God no! I’m learning new things about myself and about life every single day, but I know enough that I can teach someone else.

I have sewn together my knowledge with that of some amazing friends of mine and through my blog, we are going to inspire a generation to experience all the joys of (true) love, laughter and a full life – because It is So Necessary.

samantha monet

Welcome to my world!



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