What’s your meaning of life?

Good morning folks.

So, I went to church on Sunday and the pastor made a statement during his sermon that I had to share. He stated, “Don’t live the same year multiple times over and call it life”. That was simplistic and profound all at the same time. I was inspired because it’s something people don’t typically think about. At some point, we all go through days, weeks, months and ultimately years and don’t realize where the time went. It all seems a blur because there was not much accomplished in the time that seemingly flew past.

I’ve been there, living life, (or so I thought) year after year only to one day realize – wait it’s 2015 and what have I done? Goals lists from 3 years prior are covered in dust, untouched and unaccomplished. Projects, new habits and lifestyle changes, all lie dormant because “life happens”.

Well little did I know, but life wasn’t happening at all. Time was progressing and I wasn’t. We have become so distracted, by all the noise surrounding us that it takes a serious, concentrated effort to push through it and create the life you want to live. Sometimes we have to push social media aside, push multiple outings with friends aside, even push extracurricular things aside and make time for living for real.

You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. That’s insanity! Don’t live year after year, unproductive, unaccomplished and unfulfilled and think you’re living. Take a moment to evaluate your life to see if you are progressing along with the calendar date.


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