Want Kissable Lips? Try this

sugar lips

No one likes dry, scaly and ashy lips. They don’t like to see it, feel it and especially not kiss on it. To make matters worse, dry chapped lips hurt; the thin outer skin when it gets too dry becomes flaky and peels off, exposing the flesh beneath. That is no fun, especially when they ultimately begin to bleed.

So, to avoid all of the lip drama, keep your pout soft and supple by exfoliating the puckers. Simply use a teaspoon of cane sugar and mix with your favorite, natural oil (I like to use coconut or evoo*). Apply the mixture to damp lips (like after washing your face or brushing your teeth) and scrub gently for about a minute. Rinse with warm water, unless you decide to eat it off instead. Whatever floats your boat! And you’re all done, go off and enjoy those baby soft lips of yours.


*Evoo – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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