Summertime Facial Moisturizer – What is your go to?

Hey guys,

So summer isn’t officially here as yet, but according to my weather app and even more chocolatey skin tone, it is nice and HOT! Even though June 21st (official 1st day of summer) hasn’t landed yet, no one told the weather.

Now, even when it feels like 100 degrees outside, I like to look cute and my makeup has to stay in place. And anyone that likes to beat their face knows that your base, skin care routine is a must to having flawless makeup application.

I don’t go anywhere without putting on an SPF facial moisturizer – you just have to. Whether summer or winter, it’s always a great idea to sun proof your skin. But when sweltering heat is the order of the day, all facial moisturizers are not created equal! The winter face cream has to take a back seat to make way for something lighter, less greasy and friendlier.

I have 3 recommendations below that I have personally used in my summertime routine. Two of them are more pocket friendly while the other is a more high end, high ticket item (beauty splurge I’d say). Note: This article obtains some affiliate links, and although totally optional, if you decide to purchase any listed product via the below links, I do get part proceeds.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – about $35

This Kiehl’s cream is light and fast absorbing. It doesn’t have all the amazing benefits like some other Kiehl’s products, but it does keep the skin well hydrated and supple. It’s more-or-less a basic , unscented formula, all natural that works very well in hot temps.

MAC Studio Fix Facial Moisturizer – $44 ($33 from MAC website)

The MAC Studio Fix is something I used to have all the time, but I switched up my regimen. It was for no other reason than I wanted to try something else. This lightweight, non greasy formula works well and has a very light, pleasant scent.

(I found this link on Amazon, but the actual product is cheaper on the MAC website (by like $10). If MAC had an affiliate link I’d post it but since they don’t I wanna at least give you the deets.)

Dior Capture Total Multi Perfection Crème (Light Texture) – about $134 ($165 in store)

This baby right here is my new personal fave! And to be honest, I got this as a sample from a local department store. I was in the market for a new moisturizer and wanted to try something else….this Capture Total Facial Moisturizer came highly recommended. And the sample did not fail to impress. This comes in a light (gel-like) and cream texture (for winter or extremely dry skin). I got the light texture of course and it’s fast absorbing, lightweight, moisturizing, adds an overall glow, improves overall skin texture and tones the skin over time. I mean, if I’m paying for a high ticket item, I expect for it to have amazing benefits. And this moisturizer definitely does. If this is in your price range, I highly recommend it.

So what are some of your favorite summertime facial moisturizers? What is your go-to for hydrated but not smothered skin? Fill me in, I’d love to hear about it.


4 thoughts on “Summertime Facial Moisturizer – What is your go to?

  1. I Love the tinted Elta-MD line for facial sunscreen. It has done wonders for my skin. Thanks for posting 🙂

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