Easy Summer fashion – OOTD – Part 1

As you know, I’m an island girl, sun, warm weather and summer fashion – that’s my ideal. Since I’ve been in the US, I, for some reason I can’t wrap my head around, have been in states with distinct winter months. I’m talking, snow, subzero temperatures, heating systems and the works. Ummmm….what is wrong with me, and why haven’t I moved on to warmer coasts yet? (When I’m able to answer that then I’ll share).

So of course once May hits, I’m pulling out all the summer pieces and prepping to make my debut. Since my style is so versatile, you are likely to spot me in jeans and a graphic tee or a skater dress with wedge heels/pumps. Take a peek below at some of my fav summer outfits during the season so far.

easy summer fashion

The 4th of July debut. I’m not a native of this country, but I do sport the colors for festivities.

Hat – H&M

Graphic Tee

Distressed Skinny Jeans

Red High Tops w/ sparkly silver laces – Levi’s (laces bought separately for shoe)

Cross body Bag – Bahamas straw market (Nassau)

  easy summer fashion     easy summer fashion


I was feeling really girly and cute this day. It was an outdoor, family function so I had to balance being cool and comfortable while staying cute. So I threw this outfit together.

Mini, coral sun dress with lace cutouts – bought this from Burlington Coat Factory (I over love this store)

Black leggings with hook detailing

Lace up, pointy flats

And of course I had to add some kind of chunky accessory – I paired with chunky gold & turquoise bangles.


summer fashion


















So, I’m still rocking my colored denim…..because I like it and I rock it well. This day was another cute, comfy, casual situation.

Green denim

Black graphic tank with lace trim

There goes the black, pointy flats again

I was a bit dainty with the accessories – kinda sorta. Chunky silver cuff bracelet, link necklace and silver hoops.


20160726_120454_resized_picmonkeyed     20160726_120307_resized_picmonkeyed

During the numerous heat waves on the east coast this summer, it was mandatory to dress for the heat. With the sweltering high temps, I rocked this flowing, floral top. Yes I do have on jeans, but to me, jeans aren’t really “hot” clothing. This was the last day of my stay-cation around the Philly area and it was a grand total of 95 degrees with extensive humidity. So we’re talking feel-like temps of 102 degrees.

Button up, floral top – H&M

Distressed, dark wash

Cream/beige sandals

Chunky wooden bangles

We area at the tail end of summer, so before she rolls outta here, I’m gonna get a few more outfits in for your viewing pleasure! What are some of your fav summer pieces?


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