Shaunae Miller – What we can learn from her Olympic dive

Yesterday,  Bahamian athlete Shaunae Miller won the Olympic gold medal in the women’s 400m final. It was one that I’m sure is gonna be spoken of for years to come.  If you’ve been under a rock and simply not keeping up with the Olympics, then you definitely missed a great race.

Here’s the rundown:

As the start gun shot off, so did Shaunae. She took off full speed ahead with a decent lead on the race. Somewhere toward the home stretch,  Allyson Felix from the United States snuck up behind her. Not only did she sneak up, but they were neck in neck, and it seemed as though Allyson was about to take the gold in the last few seconds. So obviously Shaunae saw what was about to happen, and she refused to go out like that. This was her last chance to rep her country. So at the very end of her race, she fell down…(OHH EM GEEE)…Well that’s what me and the rest of the world thought. How can she fall at such a critical point in the race?

Shaunae Miller and Allyson Felix Olympics

But guess again, she didn’t actually fall, but she made a nose dive across the finish line and with .07 seconds between her and Allyson, she took gold.

Now here’s where it gets interesting… twitterverse went BANANAS!!!!! For obvious reasons the Americans were SALTY! Saying she cheated, she shouldn’t have won, it was unfair, blazè blazè blah!

First of all, if she’d cheated the first people to have done something about it would be the judges. Why oh why would they award the gold to a cheater? Think about it y’all.

Secondly, Allyson had racked up about 4 gold medals at that point and was gearing up to win a fifth. So is it REALLY that big of a deal that someone wanted to fight her for the spot? (Not literally, obviously).

I don’t blame Shaunae Miller for doing what she felt needed to be done to get a win. Quite frankly, some of us need to get that same mentality when it comes to achieving our goals.

There is always gonna be someone bigger than you, more experienced and more decorated than you. As you run your race, it’s ok to be aware of the competition, but never let them intimidate you. You have to be determined to fight for it no matter what! When you feel like you have no more in you to make it to your finish line, if you can’t run, walk and if you can’t walk then make a dive for it. Either way, sometimes you have to get creatively aggressive in your fight. No one is gonna give it to you because 9 times outta 10, they’re looking to take it for themselves. So it’s up to you to go out and grab what’s yours.

The race was interesting to say the least, and I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of it (it’s probably still trending on twitter). But a huge congratulations to all the women that won medals in that race, even the ones that were there at all. Making it to the Olympics is an accomplishment all in itself.

Remember, don’t be afraid to dive for what you want. If they’re not gonna give it to you, then get creative and think up a legal way to take it. The world is watching and waiting for you to win, but how bad do you want it?


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