Recap: Bahamas Independence Adventures

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This post is soooo long overdue – I know, I know. The Bahamas celebrated another year of independence on July 10, 2016 and I had several events before, during and after that I had to compile.

It all started when some family members came to the east coast for some shopping. I met up with them, and it was then I discovered a post independence celebration happening in NY the week after. They were invited to attend, but their return flight wouldn’t allow that to happen. So OF COURSE I gladly took the invite and made plans to attend.

Now maybe I’m a tad bit corny, or maybe it’s because I’m living in a different country, but I like to put on my flag colors for independence.

Bahamas Independence

I don’t know if it’s coincidence or subconsciously patriotic, but I recently learned I owned A LOT of aqua/turquoise colored clothing. But either way, they definitely came in handy the Bahamas independence this year. I rocked this slouchy aqua top with dark wash, distressed jeans and matching snake skin loafers. AND I also wore a sparkly, gold canvas belt.


This picture is kinda blurry, but can you spot the sparkle?

Ok, so onto the event – of course I took a date with me, I mean why waste a perfectly good invite for two (just saying). Again I wore my colors to this event. It was more or less a mixer, featuring recording artists & dj from the Bahamas, so the music was nostalgic and pumping all evening.


But get this, as it turned out, once my family members mentioned that they were gonna pass on their invite, I received a personal invitation from the office of the diplomat. The event was actually hosted by Bahamian diplomat posted in NYC, the Rt. Honorable Dr. E. Rahming, the Bahamas’ Ambassador to the United Nations. I mean, how amazing is that, great food, great music and great people all in one fun-filled night.

Candid shot either during the Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle. It’s not a party unless EVERYONE is on the floor.

I had a blast, and even made new friends at the event. These two ladies kept the evening that much more interesting. Both from the country of Kenya, but workers at the UN office in NYC. (I swore this pic came out better, but oh well, it’s the only one of them I got).


Overall, it was an amazing night. My date was immersed in Bahamian culture for the evening, I made new connections and I had just a taste of home while exploring NYC.

Oh and before I forget, ya know I had to get a flag pic before the night was out.


P.s. I did take a picture with the Ambassador as well, but due to political reasons, I didn’t think it necessary to post it on my blog.


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