Motivational Moments – Push Past the Problems 

Hey folks,

It’s been a long while since I last posted. It’s been one heck of a month….well few months. Since mid June sometime I have been going through it!!! Like for real. It was one thing after the next. Like my life was on some supernatural domino effect.

A disappointment here, loss there, sprinkled with a little destruction on top. Things were falling and failing all around me and it took all I had to not lock myself in a proverbial closet and be done with “life” for a while.

But as the saying goes – your biggest troubles always come before your greatest victory. I’ve always heard this and even said it a few times. But nothing is ever really real until it becomes real to you.

In the midst of trouble, your first reaction is to freak out and worry. It’s natural, but when you know that God’s got your back and He always has a purpose for your trouble/pain, it’s a tiny bit easier to cope.

Everything happens for a reason, and every test ends in a lesson. You live it and learn through and from it. So when life throws you curve ball after curve ball, you may bend a little (and bending sometimes hurt) but don’t let it break you. You need to learn to hold on, in the middle of your problems….keep your integrity and your sanity. Manage it! It’s gonna be hard, trust me I’m still fighting through it, but you have to keep moving forward.

Problems are a part of life. They are gonna come, guaranteed!!! If you live long enough they’ll definitely find your address and come knocking. So don’t let a moment of trouble keep you captive or lock you down permanently. If you find yourself going through hell, you have to keep going….it’s the only way you’ll get out alive.

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