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This is my first official review and it’s for a really cute yet useful product. I was sent this cool mist oil diffuser by Holan Direct to use and ultimately write a review. I’d never heard of the company, and didn’t think I needed an essential oils diffuser, but I went for it.

holan night

My Thoughts:

The product is pretty compact, only about 7 inches high. It’s also pretty lightweight so it’s not heavy and doesn’t take up much space at all. Perfect for a nightstand or bedside table. Because it is so small, I don’t think it works well for diffusing entire, large spaces. It works okay for like a bedroom or bathroom sized area (I guess offices are ok as well).

The machine is pretty easy to use, it only has two buttons – 1 for mist and 1 for the lighting. So it’s pretty fool-proof, I’d say. There are also different settings for both the light and mist – continuous or intermittent. The part I really enjoy about the oil diffuser is the lighting. The device has its own built in light show that is awesome on its own. It works ideal as a night light or if you needed mood lighting.

oil diffuser color options

There are 7 available light colors that rotate, but there’s also the option to keep one continuous color.  I LOVE the purple – it’s my fav color of the seven.

The oil diffuser comes pretty compact as well. Along with the diffuser, there is a power cord and a small water pitcher kinda thing that you use to fill the device.

oil diffuser

Unlike most humidifiers, this guy doesn’t heat up, so there is no waiting for the heating process before it does its thing. As soon as you fill and turn it on, the cool mist begins right away.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool addition if you’re one that’s into essential oils and setting that type of ambiance. How do you diffuse your essential oils?


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