Popcorn Indiana – my new obsession

I am a foodie – as you probably know already. I love food, like no seriously, I love food. Ok, I should say I love good food. I’m a sucker for flavor and textures, and I’m not so easily impressed – especially when it comes to store bought snacks.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store while hungry? They always say that it’s never a good idea. You scroll through more food aisles than intended, you stare at those chips, cookies, candies, ice cream…you get my drift. Well I fell into it, I went into Big Lots one afternoon to grab a couple things (as if anyone can go into Big Lots and pick up 1 or 2 things). I hungrily scrolled through the snack aisle just to “see” what was there and it was there I came a cross the big, red bag of popcorn.

It was a brand I’d never seen/heard of but the Non GMO and gluten free labels got my attention. Popcorn Indiana – again hungrily I grabbed a bag, not expecting much.

BOY oh boy was I surprised.

popcorn indiana - aged cheddar


  • The gluten free snack
  • Reasonable amounts of sodium compared to all other brands I saw.
  • I tried the aged cheddar first, and you can definitely taste the cheese. It’s not like a hint of cheesy, baby powder substance, but REAL cheese taste.
  • The kernels are crunchy and fresh-tasting, again compared to other brands.
  • There was actually a lot of popcorn in the package, not a bag with 3/4 air.


  • The bag is IMPOSSIBLE to open. There is no opening this bag the regular way, you have to tear down the side
  • I didn’t notice this til some time after, but the aged popcorn isn’t made from non-GMO corn. Womp womp! I’m not sure why, but they seem to have different batches of corn – some non GMO others are modified. So you have to be careful which flavor you pick up, it may not be non-GMO.
  • These little things are super addictive! I know popcorn has a ton of benefits, but eating a bag in a couple days (don’t judge me) will certainly spoil your sexy body challenge.

I’ve also tried the Kettle Corn flavor, this was also very good. There wasn’t a truck load of sugar or salt so that was great. It was pretty light, crunchy and flavorful. AND the kettle corn is made from NON GMO corn – big plus!

popcorn indiana  - kettlecorn

Overall, if you’re looking for a great bag of popcorn as a light day time snack, I highly recommend Popcorn Indiana. I should warn again though, that they are extremely addictive.

I would say though, to the makers, owners, execs of Popcorn Indiana – you need to be consistent with your snack. If you offer some non GMO corn flavors, it should carry over to all the popcorn. Flavor should not be a determinant, give your consumers that benefit.



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