No Worries – Necessary Inspiration

Don’t worry about it! That’s something people say all the time, but does it really work when they tell us to do so? Does that single phrase really send our worries packing? Probably not. In fact, if we were to be honest, sometimes we only begin worrying once someone says not to worry.

It’s natural, a part of what makes us human. But at the same time, worry indicates that we are at the point where we aren’t able to think of a solution – that point where we simply hope for the best.

But then there’s that aspect of faith. Faith cannot exist if there’s going to be a cloud of worry floating around all the time. Faith is knowing that you don’t have any other options and no other “tricks” up your sleeves, but instead of a sea of worries, you know that God’s got your back. Faith says that I don’t know what to do, how it’s gonna work out, what’s going to happen but I know everything will be ok.

Faith begins at that point where worries end. The two can’t be in the same space, like light and darkness – they cannot coexist. So you have to make a choice, are you going to worry about it or are you gonna faith it? Sometimes you have to actively turn your worry button off and tell yourself to relax. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s a must if you want to live a healthy life.

Worry – the feeling of being stuck or helpless – leads to stress and stress brings on an avalanche of other issues. Weight gain, wrinkles, heart problems, other health problems and gray hair all occur as a result of stress. And ummm, who wants that? I know I sure don’t!

So quit worrying all the time and let your faith take over. Worry solves no problems; it doesn’t give way to solutions and it makes you look wimpy. God made you so I’d say he knows¬†just what¬†to do with you, just how to make it all work out. If you would arrest your worry-some thoughts and move as though you know it will work out, guess what, it ultimately will.


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