New Year, New Mindset

Happy New Year again y’all.

As we all know, every Jan 1, people pull out pen and paper and begin to write down a laundry list of new year’s resolutions for the next 52 weeks of their lives. It happens year after year. There are some of us that hit the ground running – out the gate at full speed. We drink more water, exercise more, read more books, watch less TV, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah! See us again at the beginning of March and all that new year resolution stuff is a distant memory.

Well I don’t know where you stand with it, but I made up my mind that this year is the beginning of different.

The reason why we can never seem to meet those new year goals, is because we have the same thought process. Short term results – lose 10 pounds for (insert event here), go to the gym to lose the 10 pounds, stop smoking/drinking, stop compulsively shopping etc. But why do you want to achieve these goals? What is your reason, whether personal or otherwise, to see these goals to completion. When we set goals just as a check-this-off-the-list mindset, or to say “I did it”, then we lose. Even if we meet the goal, guaranteed, by the next Jan 1, it’s on our resolutions list again. Why? Because our WHY was off. You need to have a reason bigger than yourself, bigger than a to-do-list mentality in order to not only meet but exceed your goals. (#lifequote)

It all begins with a mindset shift. We need to determine, first within ourselves, what we want to do. Next it takes us determining our WHY. Why do I want to lose weight (for your health/to live longer for your family)? Why do I need to drink more water (for clear skin, to detox your body, because your life depends on it)? Why do I need to stop smoking/excessively drinking (ummm this is obvious – because cancer is real and you don’t want to be on that boat)?

When you determine your WHY you can now have a real reason to see those goals to completion. When halfway through February you want to toss those ‘good habits’ on the back burner, your WHY will keep you going – good health, living longer for your family, gorgeous skin, saving money for (insert life event here) etc.

Again, it’s a mindset change, to think of it not in terms of the goal itself, but in terms of the goal being a stepping stone to get you to your why. And I should say, your why should be important enough to you to keep going. Your WHY should be one that if you don’t stick to your goals, it will ultimately suffer or even be gone forever. You should care enough to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Get your mind right! The life you live, the goals you achieve all are a direct result of your thoughts (and the words you speak – more on that in a future post). When you think yourself successful, your life and motivation will align with that success. Do you see yourself achieving those goals and then some? That’s your first step. Get your mind on the right channel and watch how the movie of your life plays out.

Here’s to BIG goals, very important WHYs and a hella successful 2017!




6 thoughts on “New Year, New Mindset

  1. Hi Samantha, As the famous quote with a twist goes, "as a woman thinketh, so shall she be." Your mind is everything. It's the foremost battleground. New year New mindset indeed, glad to say I'm a few months in and it's going strong still. Ups and downs of course, moments of doubt, of course, but I do all I can to stay the course. Thanks so much for sharing! Nadalie, It's All You Boo
    1. Hey Nadalie, it's never a smooth road but having your WHY helps you stay the course and if you fall, it gives you a reason to get back up. You can do it, the world definitely needs what you have to offer ;)
  2. I think you are right, if we just keep making the same resolutions we just keep breaking them and having a do over the next year...but a "why" makes it more real...I stopped the resolutions a few years ago and just do a word for the year and try to live by that all inclusive word...
    1. Oh I love that! I guess I'm doing it too, i have a phrase though, for 2017 that I'm aiming to live out fully. It definitely helps to meet and exceed those "resolution" goals
  3. Great read!! I wrote about the WHY too and it´s the number 1 reason why you will keep going. It´s also important to write down HOW you will reach your goals and have milestones to celebrate your success! We should connect! Maybe interview one and other =)
    1. Yes I definitely agree.....I guess I could've mentioned that as well. Figuring out HOW is a must to not only get started, but proceed successfully. Great point!

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