L’oreal Mascara Giveaway – Winners Announced

So a few days ago we came to the end of the first every It’s So Necessary Blog Giveaway. Thank you to all of you that entered. Even though I would love to gift everyone, I only had 7 available tubes of mascara. In order to win you had to subscribe to ISN Blog and follow my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profiles (at a minimum).

So a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the winners. See if you can find your name below.

Jordan D.

Anita J.

Tamara W.

Danielle A.

Amy H.

Shawna P

Kadena W.

If your name is listed above, shoot me quick message via the Contact Us page and let me know where to send your freebie!

And to those that didn’t win this time, no worries, we have several other giveaways coming up this holiday season. Keep an eye out for those. Happy Monday!



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