Recap – Made in America 2016

made in america
Tattoo artist?? I was a HIT on Sunday

Hey guys,

So my brand ambassadorship had me tied up again all weekend!! It was crazy hectic but sooo much fun. Well, if the title didn’t give it away, I was smack in the middle of Made in America this year.

Before this past weekend, I had never been to Made in America, but I’d known about it from previous years. Jay Z’s event hosted in Philadelphia since its inception. The lineup this year was epic (as usual I’m sure), with the one and only self-proclaimed “bad gal” Riri (Rihanna) headlining Saturday night and amazingly talented Coldplay headlining on Sunday.

The festival venue was pretty extensive, stationed on the Ben Franklin Parkway and was chock full of concert stages, Budweiser stations, games and giveaway tents. Budweiser was the main sponsor for the event, and it was apparent, their logos, tents, bar spots and merch were everywhere – literally. Other sponsors included Tidal music subscription service, Twix, Vitamin Water, McDonalds and others.


made in america 2016
Budweiser Bar on the Bud Boardwalk
vitamin water, made in america 2016
Vitamin Water and their amazing colors
made in america 2016 vitamin water
Vitamin Water – custom sunglasses station


made in america 2016 - tidal
Tidal VIP viewing platform

I was stationed at the Budweiser Boardwalk – a 21 and over area filled with fun things to do – tattoos, photo booth, dip dye (I’ll explain later), free swag and other cool stuff. The best part for me was that it was right next to the main stage (well compared to all the other stations, it was closest).  And being the music lover I am, I was in all my musical  glory when an act would come up. There were also other smaller stages that other hype artsts performed on as well, but luckily there were monitors up front so we could at least view from that perspective.


This was day 1 of the festival and my girl Rihanna was the headliner. However though, there were some very interesting artists that performed on both the main and smaller stages. Lil Wayne and 2 Chaniz tore up the stage together singing some of their biggest hits, bringing on Philly’s own Freeway to do a song with them. Artists Sza and Justine Sky also did their thing on the smaller stages.

made in america rihanna

Click here to see a clip of Rihanna’s live performance

There was also an amazing station where you could get a body part (in this case, arms and faces apparently) dyed into an artful mosaic. This team of traveling artists from Detroit, came to MIA and set up shop. The dip dye station was a legit HIT all weekend long. It’s a 4 step process of rinsing in saline solution (salt water), air drying completely, dipping and applying the dye then dry again. The results are ahhhh-mazing. No, really. Take a look below

IMG_1848 IMG_1851  IMG_1854            IMG_1855

IMG_1883 IMG_1910



This was the biggest day from what I saw. Not only was the crowd doubled from the day before, but the lineup was much more celeb’d out. Both the main and smaller stages were poppin’ with great acts. Coldplay headlined on Sunday with acts like DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott also lighting up the stages.

One of the highlights for me was Chance, his performance was an intro to his music for me, but the bestest part was when he “sang” Happy Birthday to Beyonce who was also in the crowd with hubby. It was too cute. Here’s a small clip


Of course DJ Khaled came in too with some of his skills and did what he does best – cuz all he does is win, win WIN no matter what!! (love that song). See the video clip here on my Youtube page.

budweiser made in america 2016 philadelphia dip dye


Again, of course Coldplay had an iconic performance with a sound that was exactly like the songs on radio – it was very impressive, first time seeing them live.

Overall, even though there were crazy, drunk kids and people all over, passing out, throwing up and what not, there were also many great highlights from Made in America. It was my first time attending and next year, I’ll be catching the action, live, just for you from VIP!



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