Hurricane Matthew – Our thoughts are with those affected

Unless you’ve been living under several rocks, you should’ve heard about Hurricane Matthew. This storm has torn through several Caribbean countries leaving some dead and a lot of people devastated by loss. It’s been said that Hurricane Matthew is one of (if not the worst) one in history.

hurricane matthew

I have a personal interest in the events and whereabouts of this storm because the majority of my family and friends are in the Caribbean. The Bahamas is where I’m from and the majority of my family members still live there. After seeing the devastation in countries like Jamaica and Haiti, of course I was very nervous about what Hurricane Matthew would do to my little country. To make matters worse, it was making a bee line for the Bahamas and Nassau (the capital where I’m from) was really¬†in for it. The Bahamas is a chain of islands, so small that it can barely be seen on a map (it’s the size of a pinhole). So imagine how much damage would be done to such a small place. The capital, Nassau is 7 miles by 21 miles in size!

As I’m typing this the country is still coping as best they can with this hurricane. Matthew after passing through the Caribbean, makes his way to Florida to wreak havoc there.

Those of us that are not in the path of this terrible storm are praying for all of you (I know I am). We pray that God has mercy on your lives and that the damage is not too much to handle and we are hoping for relatively fast recovery efforts.

Our hearts go out to you and thoughts and prayers are with you.


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