Hello world!

Welcome Word With Fireworks Shows Greeting Of Hospitality


Ok so this is my first ISN post. It’s after midnight here on the east coast and I decided to organize my life and finally get my blog together.

I’m excited to share my journey of discovery and creativity with you all. I am like a coat with many colors, an onion with many layers. I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve lost and I’m still exploring and evolving and this time around I’m bringing you into my world.

It’s gonna be fun, you have my personal guarantee. I have a team of amazing people that will offer up great advice on things that are definitely gonna make your life better and a little easier. Daily inspiration, fashion, beauty, health & fitness, food ¬†and a bunch of other stuff….. I can’t wait for you to dive in. So come back soon and come back often, there’s always gonna be something new and exciting to discover (yes men, this goes for you too – all are welcomed!)


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