Healthy Snacks – My Fav Go-to Options

As 2017 progresses, I am on a mission to amp up my fitness routine. It’s not just about exercising, but also about eating proper portions and eating clean. But if any of you are like me, I’m a foodie. I love (good) food and I am all about snacks.

In college my friends always came to me when they wanted a quick bite, I was known for always having some sort of snacks in my bag. The thing about me though, I always had a knack for picking healthy snacks. I was never one for cookies, cakes and pies in my collection. I did eat those once in a while, but I was usually good about it.

So as an adult, overall, the trend continues and I’ll share with you my main go-to options for healthy snacks.

Blue corn chips and chunky salsa

healthy snacks

Why I love it: well it’s obviously delicious! I also love that it’s good for you, the tomatoes in the salsa (along with the onions and peppers) offer a good dose of essential vitamins and minerals. When I’m feeling extra, I like to sprinkle the salsa with grated cheddar. Not only salsa, but the blue corn chips have a greater amount of antioxidants, compared to the yellow – hence the blue color.


Trail Mix

Why I love it: I’ve come to accept that I love mixed nuts and dried fruit – and any combo of that is a good trail mix. healthy snacks

I like to make my own trail mix since the pre-packaged ones are usually lack luster. I buy unsalted, roasted peanuts, roasted almonds and other roasted nuts along with dried berries and raisins and mix them altogether. Sometimes I throw in dark (semi sweet) chocolate chips or tropical fruit mix. Trail mix definitely qualifies as healthy snacks and great for on-the-run.


Hummus (with chips or veggies)

Why I love it: Hummus, hummus, oh how I love thee! HA! Ok but for real though, I love hummus (can you tell?). It’s so diverse – from being used as a dip to being a spread for sandwiches and wraps. With chick peas as it’s dominant ingredient, it’s not only tasty, but has great fiber and protein in addition to good fat (from olive oil) and anti-inflammatory benefits (from the garlic).



Why I love it: Ok, so if you read up on my blog posts, you would know that I really like popcorn. I tend to lean toward white cheddar but sea salt is also a fav. Popcorn is a quick and healthy snack that is also great on the go. Great in fiber to keep your digestion up to par and is a great, healthier substitute for potato chips. One thing I would recommend, pay attention to sodium content is your popcorn and also go for organic, non GMO options which are safer to consume.


Fresh Fruit

Why I love it: So in addition to dried fruit, fresh fruit is also a very viable healthy snack option. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fresh fruit can add a dose of power to your snack game. All type of berries, bananas, citrus, kiwi – anything juicy, fruity and sweet!! Be careful though not to “overdose” on fruits and watch your portions. Fruits are not only rich in taste, but in sugar and can inhibit and gym/weight loss regimen you may have.


So whenever you’ve got the munchies and looking for something good and tasty to eat, refer to this post. Snacking is great, but healthy snacks are so much better. Here’s to healthy snacking, enjoy!

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