Happy Valentine’s Day Single Ladies

Happy Love Day y’all, it’s another Feb 14th, another time for stores to dish out their heaviest dose of pink, red and white everything. I love love, but I’m not one to fall for all the cute teddies and ginormous box of chocolates. In my opinion, we should show love daily! Whether it’s with significant others or with ourselves especially, love talk and love actions should not be presented 1 day a year, but throughout the 365. Getting flowers or having a dinner date should not be something you look forward to on Valentine’s Day, but should be a regular part of your relationship.

To my single sistahs, you should most definitely be loving on yourself daily. Self-love is not selfish, it’s necessary and you are definitely worth it. You don’t need a spouse to validate your worth, but should make an effort to see that you love you first. Look below to see how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day while basking in the freedom of singleness.

Single and Loving It

Companies and culture make Valentine’s Day all about the couples – his and hers this, that and the next. That’s cool and all, but does that mean that the unattached should sink into oblivion every Valentine’s Day? Ummm I think not! Valentine’s Day is also about friendships and those should be celebrated as well…..pink roses anyone?

After being in failed relationships, you learn how to do you, and I think I have mastered the art of loving me. I was single for several years (by choice) and I enjoyed every moment of it, I loved me like no one else could do. This Feb 14th, love yourself the way you expect to be loved by someone else. Here are some ideas, some that I’ve done and you can enjoy these as well

Have a staycation – nothing is as awesome as having time to just chill and not be bothered, even if it’s only for several hours. As an emotionally stable single, go ahead and indulge – take a spa day, turn your space into a zen haven, complete with music, treats, drinks and chocolate!

Go to Dinner – you can choose to do this by yourself or with your other single girlfriends. Get all dolled up and make reservations and enjoy yourself. It’s ok to do this the day before or after Feb 14th if you feel some-kind-of-way about dining on actual Valentine’s Day.

Have a girl’s night – again, grab any other single friends and just hang out. Have a single’s party to celebrate your singleness – it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You should be single and loving it! Because you must be completely happy with who you are and where you’re at before you’ll be happy and successful with anyone else.

Send yourself flowers – so why shouldn’t you get flowers and a sing-o-gram on Valentine’s Day? Don’t you deserve it? You buy yourself birthday, Christmas and just-because gifts don’t you? Well this is no different.

Send flower deliveries to your girlfriends – I haven’t done this but this is a pretty cool idea. If you have a group of fab and single friends, you guys should get together and send flower deliveries and sing-o-grams from “secret admirers”. Don’t lie, wouldn’t that make you feel good? You know it’s from your bff, but guess what, it’s a great feeling of love and appreciation when your friends appreciate you as well.

So don’t you worry single lady, love yourself this Valentine’s Day. You may not have a boo to cuddle up with, but you can celebrate you and celebrate your friends. Your happiness and self-worth should not be dependent on which guy is or isn’t around you, or how long you’ve been single. Whether 2 weeks or 2 years, it doesn’t matter, you are well worth abundant love, but while you wait, get ready by learning how to love and shower yourself with great things so that when he does show up, you’ll be more than capable to steer him in the right direction. There won’t be any guessing, you’ll know what you do and don’t need because you would have not only learned, but done it yourself!




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