Happy Birthday Bahamas

The Bahamas is the place that I will always call home. No matter where in the world I end up, wherever travel or career takes me, I will always be a proud Bahamian.

Today marks 44 year for this little but great country. Known as one of the premier vacation destinations in the world, I am proud to call these little islands, home. This little piece of paradise, that the world comes to for an amazing vacation, I was born here. How awesome is that…yeah I know.

The Bahamas is in no way a perfect place, no where in the world is, but it’s definitely a great place to visit at least once in your life. Known for the picturesque beaches and great weather all-year-round – I mean why wouldn’t you?

And let’s not talk about the food – well actually let’s do. Chock full of flavor and variety, Bahamian food is an air of fresh deliciousness. I wrote a post some time ago about Top 10 foods to try when you visit the Bahamas…you can find it here.

Junkanoo, an integral part of of the culture of the Bahamas is a colorful display of costume and music. Occurring every Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, people come from around the world to partake in the fun-filled parade.

And to officially ring in this year’s independence, I added some Bahamian flair to my digits…..of course I had to show my patriotism.

So to the Bahamas, my first home, and to all my fellow Bahamians….. Happy Independence and here’s to 200 more years!!



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