Happy 4th of July America



July 4th 2016, the year America celebrates its 240th birthday!!! As soon as Memorial Day is all planned and prepped for, then comes the red, white and blue everything! Independence is a time when entire countries come together to celebrate and commemorate for one common goal – the right to freedom. And even though people within a nation may not experience true freedom on various fronts, the fact that all rule and legislation come from within the local government is enough reason to celebrate.

I have been in the heartland of independence for America, the state of Pennsylvania is the place where all the documents were signed to give America its freedom, and til this day, I don’t know that there is a bigger celebration than in Philadelphia, PA. With a full week to cover about a month’s worth of events, Philly makes it happen in grand style.

Even though I was born in another country, I still appreciate the celebration of freedom and I hang out, BBQ and sport my colors like the rest of them. When in Rome…. (you know the rest).

So here’s to another milestone America, yet another birthday – let the fun, food and fireworks begin, Happy 4th of July!


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