Motivational Moments – The Power of Forgiveness

Hey guys……Happy Friday to all of you!

Just a quick inspirational/motivational moment to take you into the weekend….it’s about the power of forgiveness.

The dictionary describes forgiveness as – the action of forgiving or being forgiven [for committing a fault]. Forgiveness is an action, meaning one would have to make a conscious decision to forgive someone who has done them wrong. Often times, we are hurt by people – it’s bound to happen at some point during this journey we call life. Whether intentionally or not, people will ultimately do something, say something that will hurt not only our feelings, but hurt us to our core.

And no one likes to be hurt – because it literally hurts! I’ve seen people experience physical pain and distress due to something that was done or said to hurt them. Numerous people have suffered heart attacks and strokes because they were severely wronged or they held on and refused to forgive someone that wronged them years before.

And you know what the crazy, most unfair part is – the person that may have been the offender; the one that said or did wrong, hardly even remembers or cares that they hurt you. They are busy living their lives, enjoying each day in pure contentment. You on the other hand, start out by being either furious or deeply saddened by what happened. This anger or sadness may diminish over time, but it never completely goes away. In most cases it begins to build up and become a compound problem, so much so that it affects your daily life. You begin to not trust innocent people, you can’t thrive at work or in interpersonal relationships or you become outwardly sick!  It’s only the act of forgiveness that an begin to turn this all around.

Now will it be easy to forgive someone that has hurt you? Probably not. It also doesn’t help when they never apologize for knowingly hurting you.

This Harvey Weinstein story that has been all over the media is a perfect example. Harvey, being in a position of power, Hollywood royalty, forced his own personal agenda, both romantic and sexual on fresh new faces, looking to pursue a successful acting career. These women only recently came into the open with their stores of sexual harassment. Who knows what kind of personal trauma these women endured and what kind of emotional scars they may have accumulated.

Forgiveness seems like a hard thing to do, especially in the case of Weinstein’s victims, but it must be done. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you accept the wrong done, but this decision can relieve a lifetime of burden. The act of forgiving, is not for the offender, but for the victim mainly. It enables you to successfully and eventually move on with life; you’re able to move into your next stage of healing, purpose and breakthrough.

If you never, ever see your offender again, forgiveness still helps you live free. Even if you never utter the words “I forgive you” to them directly, just making the choice in your mind and acting accordingly, that’s enough to begin healing. So no matter who has done what to you…yes it hurts, yes you get angry, sad or grieve, but once that is over, the next step is to forgive. It’s the only way you can really “get over it”. Will you ever forget, maybe not, but the hurt will no longer be in control of your life or your happiness. And that right there, is well worth it!

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