Fitness Goals 2017 – Meet Coach Shibivia

Hey there beautiful people, 2017 is upon us – as I’m sure you now may know. And I don’t know about you, but one of my resolutions this year or rather, my fitness goals this year is to get more fit! If one were to look at me, they would think I’m very much in shape, but fitness is more than a slim build, it’s an overall state of wellness.

Did you eat and go IN on holiday food? (Yeahhhh I did a little too). For some strange reason, the holiday sweets were unending – even a week into the new year. Like c’mon people, enough already! But no more of that, NOW is the time to start working on those “summer bodies”.

Now, on to Coach Shi (as I call her). Shi understands that being fit is not just a goal but it’s a lifestyle. She wasn’t always the stay-in-the-gym, eating clean, on point sistah like she is today. She made a choice to make a change and is now a certified fitness coach. It takes a decision, a mindset and lifestyle shift to become your best, fit self.

See her story below.

fitness goals

About 2 years ago, I was about 180 pounds. I had no sense of direction, I would eat whatever I wanted to eat, from burgers & fries to shakes and fried chicken – it was fried foods everyday! I thought it was cute.

But then I realized that my body was paying for it. I would even get chest pains when I ate greasy foods, I would always be tired and I just knew that something needed to be changed! I was no longer comfortable in my own skin :-(. Then found out that I was pre-diabetic (It is generational – on my mom’s side sadly). I would have all the signs of being diabetic. Then it really hit me; I needed to make a change!! I wanted to be around for my children ( I do not have any yet) – I am still young.

So a year ago, I decided to change my lifestyle. I started working out consistently, eating clean ( lots of fruits and vegetables, leaner meats – mostly fish, I would also make smoothies from scratch for breakfast) and the weight just started to shed. At first, I did not notice, people kept telling me that I was looking great and losing weight. I decided to continue my journey, and I am happy to share that I have NO signs of being diabetic!

I am now at 155 pounds, I am 5’3 and I feel absolutely amazing in the skin I am in. I now coach and mentor others who are looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle. It has been one of the best things I have done! I am happy I decided to make a change in my life. My focus and goal is not to be skinny but to be healthy, conscious and whole“.


It’s not rocket science people – make a conscious decision to make 2017 your strongest and “fittest” year. A combination of exercise and diet, but most importantly, you need to get your mind latched onto the end goal. If your heart & mind aren’t in it, your rate of success greatly diminishes. So let’s do this together, here’s to a fit, strong, and healthy 2017!


4 thoughts on “Fitness Goals 2017 – Meet Coach Shibivia

  1. You look so awesome!! Keep up all of your hard work!!. xoxo, Angelle
  2. I needed this motivation!! I have not been eating well and it makes me feel like crap! Thanks for sharin gand you look amazing!
    1. Hi Lauren! So glad this was able to help you! I know knew the struggles of not being able to eat healthy.. Listen, let's connect on facebook, what's your Facebook name?
  3. You look amazing! Congrats on your journey so far. I lost 40 lbs by simply eating real food and adding excerise. It felt so good to get healthy strong.

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