Fast, Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies (next to maybe ice cream) are the signature summer treat. Cold, fruity and yummy! Yep I can def deal with that. The best part is though, that you can have a delicious fruit smoothie without disqualifying your summer body workout.

I am like a mad scientist in the kitchen, always experimenting – adding a little of this and a tad of that to all my recipes. Even if I call my self “following” a recipe, I always find a way to make it that much better with my additions. But you can bet your retirement plan that it’s gonna be gooooood.

And since berries are spring/summer fruits, they are in large supply and usually less expensive. I buy them in bulk then toss the excess into my freezer for later. Perfect for a nice, fruit smoothie.

frozen berries for fruit smoothie

Ok, now for this recipe: (Note the gorgeous purple color. I love purple)


1 medium size banana

1 c frozen strawberries

1 c frozen blueberries

handful of fresh spinach

2 teaspoons of ground flax seeds (approximately)

1/2 c of diced cantaloupe

1 c unsweetened almond milk


Be sure to remove stems/leaves from strawberries, also remove excess stems from the spinach.

fruit smoothie

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high for about 1-2 minutes (depending on the power of your blender). Feel free to blend a bit longer for desired consistency.

When done, pour into your fav glass or mason jar and enjoy!



So, how do you like your summer smoothies? Tell me in the comments below


8 thoughts on “Fast, Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

  1. Oh my goodness, blueberries and strawberries - how could it get any better? What a fantastic looking smoothie! -Beth ||
  2. Good Golly- We live on smoothies over here. My son is two and HATES all things 'good for him' so we sneak them in, smoothie-style! Love finding new recipes!

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