Don’t Settle for Safe

Good morning beautiful people. So I just wanted to leave a quick word of motivation and encouragement for all my amazing readers.

I was recently listening to Sarah Jakes-Roberts on an interview talking about her new book called Don’t Settle for Safe which came out this week. It’s like I could’ve written this book myself because as she spoke I was getting my entire existence because she was speaking her truth which is also my truth (and the truth for so many of you).

Basically, her Don’t Settle for Safe ties in PERFECTLY with my 2017 mantra of All Faith No Fear. It’s all about stepping outside of ordinary to explore the extraordinary. It’s about not being ok with being regular, normal, just doing what you need to get by. God has soooo much more in store for your life. You were not created to be a clone! If you look around at the extreme diversity that is our earth, our galaxy you will see various ecosystems – flora, fauna (flowers, trees, animals) people, landscape, climate all different yet complete and sufficient in their own right. Not only are they different but they stand out and there is someone out there that loves the tropical heat while others love to explore the tundra frigid temps of places like Antarctica.

Just as God made, blacks, white, brown people – each having their own diversified flair, why do you think that He is happy with you being like everybody else? He gave you talents, gifts, interests – all these tie in to your purpose which he placed on you before you were even born. You were meant to stand out, you were meant to take your differences and use it as a way to impact your school, church, your generation – the world!

In order for you to have an impact, you need to stand out and own your truth. Love to write or sing? Do it and do it well! Love to speak, teach or simply care for people/things? Do it and do it well. It’s only when you decide to live a life of exceptionality and get out of the vicious cycle of “everyone else is doing it” will you will see your life take a turn and thrive exponentially.

So are you ready to step out of the “box” that society placed you in? Ready to bust out of the family’s routine of just getting by? Then make a decision to not settle for safe. Only you know where you are at currently and only you can say whether you are settling or taking chances in your life.  But I would say this – safe and ordinary are so played out! Don’t Settle for Safe! God is ready to bless your life like you’ve never imagined, but you have to stop playing it so safe. Be radical, be extra if necessary. Give yourself the pep talk, but you adult pants on and just make it happen. The world is waiting on you.


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