Necessary Inspiration – Daily Declarations

Morning inspiration….Happy August!

This post is from one of my favorite inspirational speakers, Pastor Joel Osteen, and his book about daily declarations. Affirmations, mantras, declarations, whatever you want to call it; speaking positive words, out loud, on a daily basis can produce amazing results in your life. Some people refer to it as the law of attraction and speaking things into the universe, while others consider it positive affirmations. Either way, daily declarations are a way for us to begin to speak things into our existence by first getting it into our subconscious mind which  helps us believe that it’s true.

It’s like having someone tell you daily that you are successful and capable of great things. Even if you don’t believe it, after hearing it day after day, your mind begins to tell you that it’s true and slowly but surely, you’ll begin to believe them. You will soon realize that you are taking risks, having business ideas and other things that can ultimately lead to success.

I myself have a list of declarations that I typically repeat out loud. I’ve kinda fallen off and don’t recite them on a daily basis (life happens sometimes and time just disappears) but can I tell you, at the time when I was consistent, I felt empowered, like I can take on anything I put my mind to. I felt like God definitely had my back, and once I start, I would surely be able to make it happen.

Am I telling you to get involved in some deeply spiritual ritual of ohhhm and ahhs? Nah, not at all. All I’m saying is, if there are things you still want to do in life, wish would happen or are afraid to make happen, give it a try. Below I will post a list of some examples to get you started. The image is also a great place to start – speaking life into your dreams and your future. Pastor Osteen got it right, and it’s something I surely cosign on. I can definitely attest to how effective it can be.


  • I am a winner
  • With God’s help, I can do anything
  • I am successful in all I do
  • I am diligent and determined to succeed
  • I am thankful for what I have and where I am now
  • Today I free myself from all doubts and fears
  • I deserve the best and I accept it now
  • I always have innovative ideas
  • I am worth loving and there is love all around me


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