Can’t we all just get along? 

Equality, this is a word that comes up all too often. Men thinking they’re better than women, one race feeling like they’re superior to another.

When did we as humans get into the mindset that we are greater than, superior to, the rulers of another human being? When did it become socially acceptable to take another person’s life because they are gay, straight,  Black, Asian or Middle Eastern?

I’m not one to typically openly discuss socially or racially charged topics, no matter if I’m for or against the situation. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong or right, but I choose to stay informed but remain an observer.  But then I ask myself, if everyone just merely observes, who is going to speak out? I don’t have any kind of significant platform as yet, but I will definitely share my thoughts with whomever will be interested enough to read.

We fail to realize that all humanity began in the garden of Eden, where science tells us was situated on the continent of Africa. The first man and woman on earth were the ones to perpetuate the human race as we know it.

I believe in the creation theory and when God made man (and woman) he did not make one group with bird brains and another with infinite genius, he made us all EQUAL! We have the same biological make up – from our brains to the colon and down to our toes. The blood running through our bodies – all red. There are obvious external, biological differences between male & female but the internal make up is consistent.

Even if you believe in the theory of evolution, didn’t man supposedly all evolve from apes? How then is an ape with European lineage different or better than its brother from Asia or Africa? You may be smarter, by virtue of investing  in your education,  but you are not better than the person working at McDonald’s or Walmart. We are all breathing the oxygen in the air, on loan to us by the Creator, that enables our hearts to keep it’s rhythm. When we die, there aren’t subsections of Heaven – whites here, Asians over there or Hispanics around the corner. It’s not going to happen.

So let’s make an effort to treat everyone we meet with the same level of respect and equality we’d want to be treated, unless they give you a reason to think or act otherwise (ethnicity not being a factor). We are all equal, all Homo sapiens and all breathing the same air; let’s be our brother’s keeper and if we see injustices taking place, please speak on it. You have a voice, make sure it’s heard, the future and the next generation is depending on it.

~SM equality - philando castile

2 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along? 

  1. Happy to hear your thoughts, Im literally so worry about the world that we are living in, each day I hear more and more about equity and global equality but in the news and day to day bases is everything going backwards. Its so sad to see news now a days Loves from Sun &
    1. Yes I agree, it's like an equal and opposite force, as one side pulls, the other pushes and no one gets anywhere. People need to realize that promoting human equality is a good place to start.

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