How my boyfriend saves me a ton of money while shopping

Shopping – I love shopping, I mean which girl doesn’t? (well I’ve only met 1 in my entire life). Not only do I like to shop, but I like to look nice and have great options when I stand in my closet. Don’t you just hate going to your closet, trying to find an outfit and have “nothing” to wear? Well, so do I.

The thing with me though is that I am not a fan of spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothing unnecessarily. What’s even worse, is when “high end” designers staple bits and pieces of scrap cloth together and ask you to pay a fortune for it. Ummm……no thank you.

Hobo Couture anyone?

That’s why I have 2 boyfriends and I love them both equally!!! No, it’s not some spin off from Sister Wives but I do have a “side boo” and my main boo def approves. His name is Clarence (well it’s actually spelled CLEARANCE). And let me tell you….Clarence has been good to me for a very long time. The funny thing is, he’s been nothing short of amazing to my main guy ever since I introduced them.

My main boyfriend, let’s call him MB, loves to shop as well, but like me, he’s a huge fan of the clearance section. No matter what store you go in, there’s guaranteed to almost, always be a clearance section. Whether it’s high end or run of the mill – clearance is always my first stop. I’m just being honest here (no shame in this love).

I always scope out the clearance rack, and then if there’s nothing that catches my eye, I go to the main part of the store. I mean, it still has the same name as the other pieces, and a lot of times, is still trending. For example, buying winter coats in January when they are trying to add the new Spring collections.

Not only am I a fashionista, I’m also a budgetista! I strongly believe in looking great on a budget – and it’s totally doable. Honestly, I’m not crazy about thrift stores, but nothing against em. I go once in a purple moon, but I’m very picky with used stuff (I typically stick to accessories). So yeah, clearance is my dude!

And I’ll say this, if you’re an overly trendy chick, that HAS to have the newest and greatest, then clearance probably isn’t your main choice. There is hope for your pockets tho, get your staple pieces from my boyfriend (yes you can borrow him too). Tees, tanks, leggings and even denim….of course accessories too!!

So whenever your strapped for cash or just looking to be thrifty, give Mr. Clearance a call, he’ll be good to you. Tell him I sent ya!

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