Eagles + My Birthday = Best Weekend Ever

This past weekend was the best weekend ever. Not only did the Philadelphia Eagles win the Superbowl (the final championship game for American football teams) but it was also my birthday!!!! (insert cheers, horns and applause here).

For starters, I’m big on birthdays. I love em, and I tend to celebrate mine for extended periods – anywhere from an entire week to the entire month of February. (I mean it’s already a short month so why not go all out). This year it seemed like 2 was my lucky number. Everything I received that Fridaycame in doubles – from lunch/dinner to bouquets of flowers and even 2 birthday cards (physical cards are always great to get). I made it a point to celebrate all weekend long.

Then came Saturday – I had so much “take-home” food that I didn’t need to cook/buy anything all day (big plus). So I hung out with my mister, watched movies and drank wine and attended a going away party. By this time, calls and invites were coming in, the city of Philadelphia was buzzing like crazy and the people – like dogs hyped up on sugar. There was soooo much excitement, talk, pre-celebration because the Philadelphia Eagles were playing in the Superbowl after a hundred years (not really). Not only were they playing, but they had been having a great season this year, so much so that they were going against only the strongest team in the league (currently).

Fast forward to Sunday, after a good morning church service, the countdown was on to the kick off. Despite the fact that it rained ALL day Sunday, that didn’t stop anyone’s show. The parties were popping up all over the city and then some. New Jersey and Delaware were just as on fire and the Eagles’ fanbase grew ginormously – everyone wanted the underdogs to win.

I’m going to spare you the details, because just doing a google search on the Eagles will bring up a ton of pics and videos from Sunday’s game. I will say this though, I hardly ever watch a full football game. As for the superbowl, I typically show up for the commercials, half time show and the food! For some reason though, I was all over this one. Maybe because this was the first time I lived in a city whose team got to play. Or maybe it was because the Patriots (the other team) won like a gajillion times and everyone wanted to see another team win for a change. Either way I sat through the WHOLE game. Not only did I sit but I practically bit off all my nails… I was so nervous the whole time lol. It was such a great game. Philly was winning for most of it but the Patriots were right on their tails. Both teams played like their lives depended on it. Of course, the Eagles took the win in one of the most epic games ever. Sealing the end of my amazing birthday weekend.


So yeah, even though I’m still low key celebrating my birthday – well birth month, that was the best weekend ever. If it’s any indication, my 2018 is going down an amazing path. Oh, did I mention how ca-yute my birthday dinner outfit was?

Best weekend ever

Even though temps were in the teens, I think I still managed to pull of a cute and functional look. What do you guys think?

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