Best Holiday Gifts under $50

So the holiday season is here! Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over but there is still time to score some cool, inexpensive Christmas/holiday gifts for your special someones.

I love the holidays (well except for the cold weather – I am still an island girl). However, I have come to accept the fact that I am not the best gift giver out there. yes I love giving gifts, problem is, I never know what to buy. I always wished I would be given a list per person to choose from. But that rarely happened. So the next best bet for me was always the “what’s trending” lists and other niche specific collections.

Below I have gathered a list of nifty & useful gifts under $50 that can help ease your shopping process a little. These are a little out the box and a lot are gender friendly. (Amazon is a great resource for gifting and most of the links below are affiliate links).

Anker Sound Core Bluetooth Speaker – $35.99 – this bluetooth speaker has great sound, 24 hour playback, comes in some pretty cool colors and has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Perfect for blasting your fav sounds on the go. No wires required!

holiday gifts

Big Ben Bluetooth Smart Wristband $38.99 – this smart band monitors everything from your daily activity to heart rate and sleep patterns. If a Fitbit is a bit out of your price range, this is a great alternative. Perfect gift for the health conscious person is your life (comes in 4 colors).



Amazon Echo Dot $49.99: – this voice controlled device (via Alexa) can do it all –  play music, control smart home devices, read the news, act as an alarm etc. I wonder if it can make breakfast and dinner as well? Perfect holiday gift for the techy one in your circle.


eBags Packing Cubes $29.75 – for the travel lover in your life, these handy travel bags make packing your things super easy. These little bags take up much less space and allows room for all the new things you’re probably gonna buy.


SOHO Eye Pop Beauty Case $28.49 – this amazing carrying case is perfect for the makeup lovers. It is a next level makeup case, having not only compartments but different levels to store all of your essential on-the-go beauty and accessory items (and then some). One of my personal faves.

holiday gifts

RFID Trifold Leather Wallet $24.69 – this genuine leather wallet it not only fashionable but functional. If you’re proactive about preventing identity theft, then you would want one of these for Christmas. Placing your personal cards in an RFID wallet prevents perpetrators from scanning and stealing your personal (and banking) info. (click the pic to learn more).


Lipstick Holder & Organizer $16.99 – I live for a vibrant, long lasting lip color. I’m not one for seasonal shades, but I buy what I like and what looks great on me. With that said, I have accumulated a little collection and I came across this amazing organizer. Being able to find that one color you need when you need it….yes please!


Makeup and Jewelry Organizer $38.99 – ok so every fashionista has more than just lipsticks in her arsenal. This organizer can keep everything nice and neat for ya. Store all your tools and products in one place so your best items are always easier to find. This one is definitely on my list!


Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener $26.99 – so this is a new discovery for me. Wine corks are the worst (in my opinion), I can never get those silly little things out without one heck of a fight! Imagine my joy when I found out about an electric opener. This stainless steel option is very sleek and read the reviews – 5/5! A great addition for all the wine lovers.


Presentski Charm Bracelets $14.99 – you probably already know I love great fashion accessories. As it goes for holiday gifts, jewelry is always a safe go to. But not everyone can afford the high prices of fine jewelry – so high quality fashion accessories are your friend. These charm bracelets are plated with.925 sterling silver, so they are sure to last and not turn your skin green! They also come with fun baubles and colors.


Ok, so you can thank me later lol. These are great gifts for your friends and family members, even safe for your co-workers at the holiday gift exchange. Amazon is great with fast shipping and if you sign up for Prime, you get 2 day free shipping (yes literally).

Enjoy your shopping and when I come across other great ideas, I’ll be sure to share.


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  1. The fact that the beauty case is under $30 is blowing my mind! I spent over $100 at Sephora for mine! Such a great find!

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