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Ok so I am excited to start sharing fun, and exciting new products that I come across. Some of them will be just an introduction and of course others will be in the form of product reviews.

As you know, if you read my blog at all, I love DIY beauty – using everyday ingredients from my kitchen to add to my glow. I have shared several recipes and regimens for hair, skin and teeth and this product today covers that and then some.

This ebook is chock full of amazing recipes and tidbits. Using foods straight from the refrigerator to help you maintain your amazing, supple skin. Written by Persian beauty naturalist – Hanan, the book features ideas and concoctions from a journal written by her late mother. She states that her mother constantly utilized everyday products, instead of expensive beauty cremes to stall her aging process. Hence the name – The Beauty of Food – it’s a guide to using food to facilitate your beauty regimen. This is something that I too practice myself and have shared with all of you – so here is the “encyclopedia” version.

The beauty of food, like I said, is an eBook and it’s only $7.99 (less than the price of a decent lunch meal). And because it’s digital, you can get to beautifying right away. Just click the picture or the link below to be directed to Hanan’s personal page where you can read her story. The book is amazing and you’ll look amazing for trying these out. 

the beauty of food

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(Note: This is an affiliate link and I do get part proceeds of all purchases of this item)

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