Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy


Hey guys,

Sooooo I think this poster is an ideal intro to the health and fitness section of It’s So Necessary.

I’ve recently gotten myself back on track as it relates to fitness – I was never the athletic kid growing up, I stuck more to the creative side of things…hence the writing gigs now. I tried doing the track & field thing a couple of times – almost passed out when I ran the 1500 meter race and was decent at the 100 meter dash, but that just wasn’t my cup of tea.

As I got older though and started to learn the importance of keeping active and keeping the body functioning at its peak, I began to do the at home workouts. Did anyone else work out with Denise Austin in the mornings? That was a come and go thing for me as my diet always seemed to keep my body weight at bay. These days though, as birthdays come and go, it becomes apparent again that I need to incorporate more movement into my everyday. I joined a gym and gradually worked up to exercising 4 (sometimes 5) days a week. And I’ll tell you, my body is thanking me! My heart is beating properly again (more on that later), my skin is super soft and glowy (only real reason to love sweating right? hehe) and my waistline……..snatched!

So yea, the bottom line here, you’ll see as you read my future posts, I stress the interdependence of exercise and being healthy. You need one in order to have the other, and the older you are, the more you need to take your exercise regimen seriously. So get moving, get active so you can be healthy and ultimately happy.


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