All Faith No Fear

Good Morning to you!!!

Ok so this is a quick tidbit, just wanted to let you all know that fear is a serious thing, something we all go through that can be detrimental to our successes in life. It’s something that we all have to learn not just to face, but to conquer. And let me tell you from personal experience….that thing called fear, it is super sized, body builder strong and when it grips you, it will take everything you’ve got to win that fight.

I’ve always heard that fear means: False Evidence Appearing Real – meaning that the things we are afraid of are things we conceived in our minds and probably will never happen. Of course it takes controlling your thoughts and knowing within yourself that the thing you fear, isn’t going to happen. It takes recognizing the fear for what it is and working through it anyway. Countless people have failed to experience the fullness of life because they let fear take over their world. They never pursue their dreams, they never take a chance on people, never take a chance on love, because they’re afraid! Don’t be that person.

My motto these days is “All faith, no fear,” I have missed out on several opportunities because I was afraid of the unknown. I was afraid of what might happen, based on the scenario my mind created which was a story only I knew about – it was not real. So I’ve learned to face the fear (it’s definitely process) and do it anyway. Am I fearless? Absolutely not! I still get scared of the unknown, question things and wonder what will happen, but I take it for what it is and work through it. It may take me some time to follow through, but I eventually do.

Now for the strong closing point – “Your biggest accomplishments, greatest success lie outside of your comfort zone”. It’s the moment when you feel unsure, when you feel out of your element, when you’re scared out of your mind, find the courage to take the first step. God’s got your back and you’ll find that your comfort zone gets further and further away.

Never let your fear decide your fate!


9 thoughts on “All Faith No Fear

  1. Very inspirational! Maybe my greatest fear is waking up one day one of those people who had a lot of dreams but never accomplished them.
  2. fear will always take a part of us its actually always in our lives, we can't let it control us but we have to embrace the fact it will be there.
  3. It's amazing how fear can control us. It starts on our mind before it turns into real. I like the way you write about fear. Great post!
  4. This was a really good, motivating read. I have a lot of anxiety and fear that does sometimes keep me from doing things. This was a good reminder to not be owned by the those fears. Thank you!
  5. As a writer who had to face my fear of failure straight on, your, "Your biggest accomplishments, greatest success lie outside of your comfort zone” rings to true!
  6. As someone with anxiety and a heap of fear (most of which is unnecessary) this was a lovely and inspirational read! I will definitely keep "all faith no fear" in the back of my mind from now on.

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