7 hacks to reduce your calories 

Summer is almost over, and some of you may still be struggling with achieving your “summer body”.

If you find that exercise isn’t quite cutting it fast enough, then maybe you should check your plate. Personally, I never really liked going to the gym, so I would do at-home workouts (when I remembered) but I DID always watch what I ate and my portions. I was able to reduce calories and keep my body weight in check.

There are many things you can do when you want to reduce calories in your diet, but here are 7 hacks that can help further your cause.

  1. Love eggs like I do? And do yo prefer to have flavor from the yolk versus tasteless egg whites?
  • If eating multiple eggs, then have one less yolk. Example: 3 eggs but 2 yolks. Egg yolks are high in fat content so cutting one out will decrease your fat/calorie intake.

2. I like a good sandwich, and every so often, I indulge in a good burger (fast food does not count). But we all know bread, especially sandwich buns (usually made with white bread) are the enemy. But not to worry, you don’t have to deprive yourself.

  • Remove the bun from one side of your burger. Or if you’re really on a diet tip, remove both buns to minimize your refined carbs and further reduce calorie intake. Refined carbs lead to sluggish metabolism, belly fat and increased pounds.

3. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I especially love a good stir fry or sautéed dish. Oils can make or break your dish and can make or break your diet. If you have to use them, enjoy creating your meals but still cut the calorie content in half:

  • Use olive or avocado oil to sauté foods instead of butter or canola oil.
  • Grapeseed and coconut oils are also healthier oil options.

4. I stopped drinking cow’s milk a while back and my tummy thanks me! There are other, amazing, low calorie alternatives to whole (cow’s) milk that you can use.

  • Almond milk is my personal fav. Lighter taste and lower calories than other nut milks. I prefer unsweetened to reduce my sugar intake (more on that next).
  • Soy milk is another option for those of you that have nut allergies. Again, less fat content and same uses as cow’s milk

5.  Love sugar and all things sweet? Yeah, we all have our moments. Sugar is the #1 culprit to halting your weight loss – it’s also enemy #1 for stomach fat! I love teas and of course you have to sweeten them. Here’s how I get around that.

  • Agave nectar a great sugar alternative without the weird aftertaste. Use in teas, baking and cooking recipes. Less calories than sugar and no blood sugar spike due to it’s lower glycemic index.
  • Honey – also great as a sweetener and sugar alternative. I love honey personally, but the taste can be overwhelming if you use too much of it.
  • Stevia – another natural, plant-based sweetener. I don’t care for this as much, because Stevia tends to have a weird aftertaste for me. But if you love it…

6. Love juices and sodas? Well say goodbye to the idea of getting the perfect “beach body”.  Again, sexy body enemy #1 – sugar, is one of the main ingredients in almost every bottle of juice & soda (even real fruit juices). And if it’s not sugar, it’s the artificial sweetener aspartame which you need to avoid at ALL cost anyway. So what should you do instead?

  • Water, water, water! Drink water instead of juice/soda with meals. Water flushes your systems, has ZERO calories, is all natural and gives you healthy skin & hair. I mean…what more do you need?

7.  Ok, so this hack is new for me. I have only been drinking lemon water for about 5 years now. I drink a cup of warm, lemon water regularly in the morning and when I go to lunch/dinner, it’s water with lemons for me.

  • Add lemon to drinking water. The acid from the citrus cuts excess fats you intake from your meals so the body absorbs less. It also aids in digestion – healthy gut movement = healthy metabolism = weight loss success.

So there you have it, some of my personal hacks to reduce calories, stay slim and healthy, even outside of the gym. If it works for me, you can definitely benefit too. What are some other personal diet/weight loss hacks you found successful? Let me know in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “7 hacks to reduce your calories 

  1. These are all such great tips and tips I often implement into my own cooking. Especially, almond milk instead of cow's and coconut oil for cooking.
  2. Great post! Reducing calories is something I am guilty of, not doing. I started to use Almond milk instead of regular cows milk since my husband is lactose, so far so good. I'm going to give hack 7 a try to see if that can aid in reducing my calories for the day.

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