7 Discount shops you need to visit…like tomorrow

I love, love, love good discount shops, and when there are stores that cater solely to discounted merchandise – I’m in shopper’s heaven!

When you can get branded items for a fraction of the original price AND save more money than you spend – you have a win in my book.

I have my list of faves that I visit on a regular, for everything from skin care items to clothing and shoes. Not all discount stores are created equal however, you have to know where to go to get what you need. No need to worry though, keep reading to get my go-tos for all your essentials.



Burlington Coat Factory – this is my all time favorite spot, for name brand clothing – both mainstream and lesser known labels. Whatever your taste, Burlington is your stop – with the exception of really high end labels. No Gucci or Cartier found here, but everything else…. Oh and how can we forget the winter coats? Every style and almost every brand of winter coats you can find here, for every member of the family. It’s what they’re originally known for.

Ross – my other personal fave for clothing. It really is a toss up for who has the better deals, but Burlington definitely has them beat by a hair. Clothes, shoes and even coats & athletic wear for the entire family – you can find it at Ross.

TJ Maxx – this use to be my main store, before finding out about Burlington Coat Factory. They do also have a great selection of clothes and shoes, but more high end selections can be found at TJ Maxx – you may find a luxury brand or two, lurking around in the shadows.

Marshall’s – the sister store to TJ Maxx, these guys also have branded clothing and shoes options for heavily discounted prices. Men, women, children – everything from everyday wear to underwear and then some.


I love home decor, and I love seeing it all come together. Pops of color are my thing (it’s the creative soul in me) and I love not-so-traditional and statement pieces.

discount shops - home

Boscov’s – ok so I only discovered this store recently, not sure if it’s only on the East coast, but they have great pieces at great prices. Home furnishings, kitchen wares and appliances even gardening essentials. To top it all off, they have a vast selection of as seen on tv gizmos and gadgets – because you know you’ve always wanted to try those.

Big Lots – I have an infatuation with Big Lots, for the simple reason that you can find food items from all parts of the world. Italy, France, India, Caribbean and the list goes on – all in one store, that’s enough to ditsy over. But, they also have a great selection of home wares. From Kitchen appliances & utensils to big mattress brand names and home furniture. The prices are what makes this a go-to for your home needs.

Ross – again, Ross is a great spot to hit for discounted kitchen utensils, pots & pans and accent furniture pieces. They are not big on furniture sets, but you sure can find that one accent chair or ottoman to complete your design.

Marshall’s – another one of those stores with great accent furniture pieces. In addition, they have awesome kitchen utensils and supplies as well as some gourmet food items at a discount.

Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

If you’ve kept up with ISN at all, you should know that I’m obsessed with fashion jewelry &  accessories. So I’ve admitted and that’s the first step (wink).

discount shops - jewelry-graphic

Burlington Coat Factory – this is my #1, go to store for fashion accessories. From classic, to trendy and of course statement pieces, all in one stop. They have a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, belts, hats, handbags etc. If you need inexpensive, fashionable jewelry to accentuate you daily outfits, BCF is a must.

TJ Maxx – these guys have a decent selection of fashion jewelry and accessories, but not as vast as BCF.  Their options are not as accessible as other store (behind glass cases) and prices aren’t as affordable, due to a lot of higher quality, fashion options.


Which girl doesn’t love shoes? I know I do – my next obsession after accessories

discount shopping - shoes

Burlington Coat Factory – the shoe selection here isn’t as amazing as the clothing and jewelry selection, but BCF has a decent shoe collection going on. Again, there are options for men, women and children – from athletic shoes to dressy options.

DSW – this is the shoe spot – shoe warehouse as it’s acronym suggests. DSW has a vast variety of shoe brands, from the everyday wear to high end, luxury brands at times. (I once spotted a discounted pair o,f sexy Giuseppe Zanotti’s here). I’m not certain of their exact markdowns from regular prices, but the majority of finds here are $40 and up (on average). But, they do have a good clearance section where they have even deeper discounts – up to 80% off.

Ross – like BCF, Ross has some shoe options, but not as vast as their clothing or home choices. They are really good for a pair of nice casuals or athletic shoes.

Marshall’s – kinda like DSW, their average shoe price is higher than other discount stores (having some known brands as well). But you can find a decent selection of shoes and boots for the entire family.


So these are some of my faves, do you have other discount shops that you visit regularly?  Comment and fill me in below.




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  1. I have not gone to a Big Lots in forever, I need to stop in there since a lot of people mention they have cute home stuff. I never get lucky at Ross but I love TJ maxx!

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